Access and admission

  1. Academic requirements

    General and specific academic requirements. Admission criteria. Access to qualifying master's degrees. Conditional admission when the bachelor's thesis is pending completion.

  2. Pre-enrolment

    Access to the online pre-enrolment application. Pre-enrolment fees. Documents to submit for pre-enrolment. Pre-enrolment periods.

  3. Enrolment. When and where

    You must enrolt in person. The management unit of each master's degree will notify you of the date, place and documents that you must submit to prove that you meet the entrance requeriments.

  4. Documents for enrolment

    The documents required will depend on the place where the entrance qualification was awarded.

  5. Fees, grants and payment options

    Fees depend on the type of master's degree. In order to reserve a place you you must make an advance payment of the enrolment fee. Check the payment methods, grants and other options.

  6. Student welcome guide

    Find out everything that the UPC can do for you: induction, libraries, languages, sports, culture, accommodation, associations, mobility, work placement, study support, etc.

A minimum of 20 students is required for the course to be taught


In accordance with the criteria established by the Interuniversity Council of Catalonia, the teaching of university master's degrees is subject to the enrolment of a minimum of 20 students, once the September enrolment period has passed. If the number of students enrolled does not reach the minimum, teaching is not guaranteed.

If a master's programme has to be deprogrammed for this reason, students will be refunded for enrolment fees, and other options will be offered on other master's degrees.