UPC face masks

Wearing a face mask is compulsory for anyone over the age of six. It is compulsory on the street, outdoors and in any enclosed space for public use.

Students can pick up their UPC face mask at their campus library.
Face masks can be bought at most UPC cafés and restaurants.

The process of selecting the UPC face mask validated by INTEXTER

Types of face masks

Using and looking after your reusable UPC face mask

Place the face mask

A face mask must be placed on bare skin. Follow the instructions below:

Wash your hands with soap and water for 40–60 seconds and dry your hands with paper towels or rub your hands with hand sanitiser before handling the face mask.

Identify the inside and the outside of the face mask.

Place the face mask on the face, at the level of the nose.

Hold the face mask on the outside and the straps on either side of the ears.

Pull the bottom of the face mask over the chin.

Check that the face mask covers the nose and chin properly and that it fits well. Check how well it is sealed and that you do not have any difficulty breathing.

Once it has been fitted, do not touch it with your hands. If you need to touch your face mask, first wash your hands with soap and water or rub them with hand sanitiser, as explained above.

Removing your face mask

⊕ Take off your protective gloves

⊕ Wash your hands with soap and water for 40–60 seconds and dry them with paper towels or rub your hands with hand sanitiser.

⊕ Remove the face mask without touching the front of the face mask.

⊕ If you are going to reuse the face mask, see the sections Washing and drying UPC face masks and Cleaning and disinfection, and if you are going to throw it away see the section Discarding your face mask.

⊕ Wash your hands again with soap and water and dry them with paper towels or rub them with hand sanitiser.

Washing and drying UPC face masks

⊕ Put the face masks to be washed inside a bag or mesh of the kind used for washing delicate clothes.

⊕ Avoid contact between a dirty face mask (to be washed) and clean clothes. If you are in charge of the washing, be careful and protect yourself before you handle dirty face masks. Do not use products that may degrade or damage the material and reduce the face mask's protective capacity.

⊕ The recommendations of the Ministry of Health of 15 April 2020 on the cleaning and disinfection of reusable cloth face masks are as follows:

a) Wash and disinfect face masks with normal laundry detergent at a temperature of 60ºC–90ºC (normal washing cycle).

b) Soak face masks in a 1:50 bleach dilution with tepid water for 30 minutes. Then wash with soap and water and rinse well to remove any bleach and allow to dry.

c) You can also use any of the virucides authorised by the Ministry of Health for use on surfaces that have passed the UNE-EN 14476 standard for virucidal activity and are registered for use by the general public. Once disinfected, wash with plenty of soap and water to remove any chemical residues. Allow to dry.

⊕ The face mask should be dry completely within two hours from washing.

⊕ The face mask must not be dried or sanitised in a microwave oven..

⊕ During both drying and storing, environments that could contaminate the face mask must be avoided

⊕ After each wash, visually inspect the face mask (with protective gloves or clean hands). If you detect any damage to the face mask (it does not fit as well, it has lost its shape, etc.), discard it.

Maximum duration of continuous use

⊕ For reasons of comfort and hygiene, a face mask should not be worn for more than four hours a day

⊕ Remember that face masks must be washed when they get dirty or damp or when they cannot be fitted properly. Do not use a face mask if it is dirty or damp.

⊕ If you want to put it away, contact with any surface must be avoided. Paper bags, not plastic ones, are recommended to temporarily store a face mask in a handbag, purse, etc.

⊕ Face masks should not temporarily be placed on the forehead or under the chin during and after use.

Foggy glasses, tips are given here.

Discarding your face mask

If you use reusable cloth face masks, remember that...

...if you are in a UPC building, face masks should be disposed of in a bin lined with a plastic bag (preferably with a lid and non-manual control), such as those found at the Clean Points.

...if you do not have a UPC Clean Point on hand, in accordance with the recommendations of the Waste Agency of Catalonia once the useful life of face masks has ended, they must be placed in a perfectly closed plastic bag and preferably thrown in a bin for non-recyclable waste. They must never be disposed of down the toilet. Do not throw face masks or gloves away on the street or in nature. Do not put them in a rubbish bin on the street, as the wind might scatter them, posing a risk to people. Reusable cloth face masks may also be disposed of in sanitary waste bins.